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Seed A Initial Investment Closing Completed

Toronto, June 1, 2018

 ‘Seed A’ Investment Initial Closing

Kama.AI is pleased to announce the Initial Closing of its Seed A investment round on April 30, 2018. This key investment will fund the continued development of the commercial version of KDC’s Designed Emotional IntelligenceTM SaaS platform, Kama-DEI. The company has signed a number of agreements to deliver initial installations (“Pilots”) of the Kama-DEI SaaS offering which can fully automate enterprise to consumer ‘chat’ services for the marketing and support of consumer product offerings or provide augmented intelligence support to call centre agents.

Kama.AI’s board and management are grateful for the shared vision that was established with the key investor group participating in the Seed A round which will have a final closing at the end of July 2018.

Founder and CEO, Brian Ritchie, is excited by the opportunity to prove Kama.AI’s patented values-based AI platform in live market applications:

“We continue to be impressed by how adaptable our intelligence platform is to targeted consumer product marketing applications. While live chat will not be fully replaced any time soon, the opportunities for automating basic product information dissemination and providing appropriate product or service information to live agents present real opportunities for our platform. We look forward to the successful launch of our Pilots late this year.”

Following the successful deployment of its Pilots, Kama.AI is planning for general commercial release of its Designed Emotional Intelligence™ SaaS platform in the first quarter of 2019.

About Kama.AI

Kama.AI is the developer of the patented Designed Emotional Intelligence system, Kama-DEI. Our value-based, natural language processing technology provides opportunity for enterprises to cost-effectively engage with their client base in personalized dialog using automated virtual agents. Kama-DEI can be integrated into your existing customer relationship management system, customer care system or eCommerce platform to increase personalized customer engagement while maintaining or reducing your existing cost structure.

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