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Kama-DEI goes public with “Kady”

Toronto, March 22, 2019

– Kama.AI is pleased to announce the introduction of “Kady” powered by Kama-DEI’s Designed Emotional Intelligence(TM) platform. 

Over the last few years, our company has been developing the commercial version of its Kama-DEI emotional intelligence system. We are very excited that we have launched our very own chatbot on our site at www.Kama.AI.

CEO Brian Ritchie is proud of the work that the back-end AI team, the Enterprise team and the Chatbox UX team have accomplished over the last year to bring this product to the market. He commented,

“Envisioning something unique is relatively easy; designing the details and bringing it all together into a complete solution was a lot of fun, but also an awful lot of work. I am extremely proud of the accomplishment of our teams. I look forward to the launch of our first pilot customer in the near future.”

Unlike other AI platforms, Kama-DEI is ‘programmed’ through a convenient enterprise administration console by configuring natural langue Terms and Relation Types to form Knowledge Records that control Kama-DEI’s conversational service. Personalization comes through the patented (human) value-rating and processing algorithms that condition the knowledge and allow for value-based ‘problem solving’. This rated knowledge interacts with Kama-DEI’s Persona and Personality profiles creating the possibility for unique conversations with each user.

For more information, visit our website at www.Kama.ai or chat with Kady about Kama-DEI’s unique capabilities.

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