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AI for the Product Marketer

   AI for the Product Marketer


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are currently areas of deep investigation in the enterprise market. How can we benefit from AI? What type of talent do we need to hire to prepare for the future? What are our competitors doing???

We believe that these are absolutely the right questions to be asking. As we developed Kama.AI’s Designed Emotional Intelligence™ platform, Kama-DEI, and its customer engagement applications, we too considered these questions on behalf of the enterprise market. Building out intelligence software and applications is complex work; but using AI software application platforms should not have to be. Our development goal was to deliver a platform that can be used by marketers and not by data scientists, engineers and programmers.

In a recent article by Daniel Faggella, whose company TechEmergence follows AI technology and market trends, Daniel comments on how enterprises should be considering AI and how they can employ and retain AI resources that have recently become very high-priced talent. In the article, Daniel notes:

AI and machine learning will – in the decades ahead – drastically change how business is done… AI and machine learning are not turnkey solutions, at least not yet. They are not plug-and-play, so adopting it to your business requires a particular set of skills and resources.

We agree. Many enterprises may find it necessary to attract and retain such precious AI resources, especially where the enterprise’s IT department or R&D lab is doing leading-edge research and design. The problem is one of scale and return on investment; not all enterprises can afford to do their own R&D, but almost all enterprises and medium-sized businesses could benefit from automating consumer engagement or other applying other AI enablement tools.

That’s where our Kama-DEI platform comes in. At Kamazooie, we apply the deep AI expertise to our platform allowing the enterprise product marketing staff, and other subject matter experts, to enhance the Kama-DEI knowledgebase that drives the automated customer engagement conversations. Since our platform is designed around human value profiles and a natural language knowledgebase, enterprise customers can achieve personalized automated consumer engagement supporting their products and services.  

Looking at the above illustration, suppose we have a new automobile model, the eVolv, brought to market from a car manufacturer that we will call  Extreme Vehicle Corporation. After adding the new product information, Extreme’s marketers will use their customer segmentation and other market research to develop consumer value profiles, or Personas, using a list of over 120 human values or they can add other values that apply to their industry, customer base or products.

Extreme’s marketing staff may also rate their products, services and features using the same value list and Kama-DEI correlates this information to develop personalized interaction. Our automated chat application, SellingValue, and our underlying Designed Emotional Intelligence™ platform then work together to power the chatbot on Extreme’s website. Other chat channels can also be automated such as text, Facebook Messenger or a mobile app.

More than just carrying on a basic chat about Extreme’s products or services, the Kama-DEI powered chat service can market the eVolv one way for a customer who prioritizes ‘safety’ as a value and carry on a totally different conversation with another consumer who favors ‘performance’.

In the example above, the consumer has stated that they are most interested in ‘safety’. Kama-DEI then updates, the user’s Value Profile with this priority and goes looking in the knowledge base for what information it has on the eVolv that promotes safety. Besides just textual information, Kama-DEI can also introduce other resources into the discussion such as a safety video or a product description of a relevant feature such as the intelligent airbag system in the eVolv.

The next day, Extreme’s marketing staff can view the last 24-hour chat performance and the trend over the last week. If problems are detected, the call logs can be reviewed for areas that should be enhanced in the knowledge base and Extreme’s subject matter experts can add to the knowledge base to improve the automated consumer conversations.

Kama-DEI’s use of natural language in it’s knowledge base and its use of values as a rating scheme creates an extremely simple, and dare we say enjoyable platform for marketers to use. 

Non-technical staff can directly load an enterprise’s products and other supporting information into the knowledge base using everyday words and terms. We believe that Kama.AI’s Designed Emotional Intelligence™ platform goes a long way to demystifying AI, at least in the area of the consumer engagement channels that we service. Your key marketing and product resources can spend their time doing what they do best, tailoring product and service marketing information to the consumers that value those products and services in varying and personalized ways.

For more information, visit us at www.kama.AI or email us at inquiries@kama-dei.com.

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