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About Us

Kama.AI is the developer of the patented Designed Emotional Intelligence system, Kama-DEI. Our value-based, natural language processing technology provides opportunity for enterprises to cost-effectively engage with their client base in personalized dialog using automated virtual agents. Kama-DEI can be integrated into your existing customer relationship management system, customer care system or eCommerce platform to increase personalized customer engagement while maintaining or reducing your existing cost structure.

  • Brian Ritchie - Founder and CEO

    Brian Ritchie has a Bachelor of Engineering from Lakehead University and an MBA from Lake Superior State College and has had a passion for developing business solutions since his early career. From 1992-1997, Brian founded and ran his first software company Palos Bay Technologies Inc. The company’s business management product LeaderShip, was a product before its time; its scope defined a new area in of business and resource management tools from which Internet services SalesForce and Linked-In eventually materialized. Since returning to industry in 1997, Mr. Ritchie has held Director or VP level Sales and Marketing positions with ChangePoint, Oracle, Ericsson and ZTE. Brian is the lead inventor of the patents and patents pending that Kama.AI now holds. Having worked in major internet software and telecommunication provider companies like Oracle, Ericsson and ZTE, Brian has a firm grasp of both the enterprise target market and the CRM channel partner community that define the early go to market strategies for Kama.AI’s Designed Emotional Intelligence enablement platform.

  • Michael Sasarman - Vice President Operations

    Michael holds a MASc in AI (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) and International MBA from Kellogg and Schulich. He brings deep and varied experience to the role built through 20+ years of national and international assignments with a deep ITC, Operations, and Consulting focus working in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East in roles of increasing scope and responsibility leading to senior executive positions spanning Business & Digital Transformation, Operations, Strategic Sourcing & Alliances, and Technical Solution Sales. Upon joining Kama.AI in his current operations leadership role, he has embarked on a new quest to develop a Kaizen culture of innovation, excellence, and service through a compassionate leadership style that empowers teams and creates customers for life.

  • Jacky Wang - Head of AI Development

    Jacky holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has 10+ years of hands-on experience in developing machine learning algorithms, statistic models, time series analysis techniques, especially application in natural language processing, speech recognition and algorithm trading. He has a passion for machine learning with an emphasis on reinforcement learning and generative adversarial networks and their applications in real business and consumer AI solutions. Prior to joining Kama.AI to head up the AI development, Jacky worked for a major Canadian hedge fund where he applied deep learning techniques in algorithm trading. Jacky has previously been a Post-Doctoral Fellow in at Ryerson University, and he visited University of Manitoba and University of Windsor as a visiting professor or visiting scholar.

  • Behrooz Darabiha - Head of Enterprise Development

    Behrooz holds a BSc in Nuclear Physics and has been a programmer for 30 years, starting with FORTRAN on Digital machines in the 80s, then C++ and Pascal in the early 90s and programming in PHP since its conception. In the last few years, Behrooz has begun exploring open source tools such as OpenNLP in enterprise projects prior to joining Kama.AI in the Fall of 2017 to become Head of Kama-DEI’s knowledge management and user administration system development. Behrooz also has extensive experience in API design and development and applies this experience to building out Kama-DEI’s enterprise application integration capabilities.

  • GABRIEL CARRILLO – Senior Software Developer

    Gabriel Carrillo.

    Seasoned developer in Expert Systems, Business Software and Natural Language Processing, Gabriel is a Senior Software Developer at Kama.AI. He has served as Software Developer at Infocent, Warner Lambert and delivered Information Technology courses as a part-time instructor for two decades. He is currently working on Natural Language Processing and was influential in the early prototype development of Kama-DEI. He received a Bachelor Degree in Systems Engineering from UBA and studied Web programming at IBM. He holds a PhD in Management from Yacambu University.

Service Desk

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