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Designed Emotional Intelligence®

Kama.AI's patented human value-based, Designed Emotional Intelligence system (Kama-DEI) is able to inherently develop an "understanding" of natural language dialog with customers or other actors through a comparison of the textual (or speech to text) input against its extensive knowledge base of known worldly relationships. Moreover, its virtual understanding is based on a subjective set of value assessments contained in value profiles selected or triggered within Kama-DEI enabled applications. With this patented structure, the system can be 'tuned' to represent a particular cultural group, a particular customer demographic or even a specific individual's personality.

The analysis and response routines then process the customer (or other user) input against the selected value profile to provide a tailored response to the user of the system, in plain language, and in a way that resonates with their values and emotions.

Our Solutions

Kama-DEI, can be integrated through its custom API to existing e-commerce, customer care, sales and marketing management solutions to provide a natural language interface drastically reducing the effort required to manage online or telephone inquiries for e-commerce, sales and marketing, customer care or customer loyalty programs. Its inherent value profile design allows the enterprise to customize various sales, marketing or support functions to predefined or dynamically chosen personas or value profiles that respond in ways that align with the targeted customer’s values in mind.

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  • Automation Support with Kama-DEI RPA

    Automating repetitive tasks such as requesting a customer booking, filling out a quote request or subscribing to a service or service option using automation are great opportunities to improve the customer experience. Your consumers or prospective customers get what they want, when they want, 24 x 7.

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  • E-Commerce Support with Selling Value

    The Kama-DEI e-Commerce enabler, Selling Value, brings value-based sales techniques into the e-commerce flow. Contact us for more information on how the Kama-DEI solution can support your e-Commerce needs.

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  • Emotional Intelligence Support with KaaS

    Provide Designed Emotional Intelligence® support to your Bot or SaaS service with our Kama-DEI-as-a-Service (KaaS) API. Use “KaaS” as a full conversational service or simply to detect the specific intent or emotional concern in a user’s input to enhance your SaaS or chatbot offering.

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About Us

Kama.AI is the developer of the patented Designed Emotional Intelligence system, Kama-DEI. Our value-based, natural language processing technology provides opportunity for enterprises to cost-effectively engage with their client base in personalized dialog using automated virtual agents. Kama-DEI can be integrated into your existing customer relationship management system, customer care system or eCommerce platform to increase personalized customer engagement while maintaining or reducing your existing cost structure.

Service Desk

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